IKEA is installing solar panels sometime next year, according to Fox28, and that’s just another in a string of cringe-worthy updates from the store everyone is ripping their hair out over.

Columbus has been waiting for two years since their first announcement in 2015, and these updates are just a form of mockery.

We get it — the new solar panels will produce an amount of energy equivalent to providing 150 homes with energy or reducing CO2 emissions by over a thousand tons, or about 215 cars.

Yeah, 90% of their stores are covered in solar panels and they’re one of the biggest leading businesses to invest in the substantial use of clean energy — but when IKEA tells us that in the meantime, we can drive two to three hours to shop at IKEA Westchester — that’s just salt in the wound.

This update is only slightly better than when they told us they were installing air conditioners two months ago.

C’mon IKEA, stop being such a tease.

Who else is too excited about IKEA Columbus?

Let us know in the comments if you’ll be purchasing a Fjorbjael Dresser or a Rykjallpoof Lantern or whatever they sell…