Mojoflo is the band that has rightfully be named Columbus’s best and coolest band of 2016, and you only have one more chance to listen to their sweet, sweet tunes this weekend at the Newport.

Danny Hamen originally wrote about them for (614) Magazine, and if the description below doesn’t make you want to groove, then you’re seriously missing out. It’s not uncommon for the main singer to swing herself around the stage like a trapeze artist.

“…Mojoflo’s music, a band that has become the apex of Columbus neo-funk—their trumpeting melodies and soft, delicately crooned hooks reminiscent of an art-damaged James Brown tinged with an Erykah Badu swoon. Their sound is luscious and smooth, funky and raucous…”

You can catch Mojoflo this Friday at the Newport starting at 7 Pm. Tickets start at $15.