Do you need a last minute gift for that one person in your life who’s really nerdy, loves video games, and responds with,” I don’t know, nothing I guess?” when you ask them what they want for the holidays?

Well they want Nintendo’s Classic Edition NES, a throwback to the old days of blowing angrily into a game cartridge so you could make Mario bonk tiny mushroom monsters on the head [editor’s note: they’re called Goombas.]

Columbus’ Best Buys stores are getting a whole new limited shipment of these little consoles, according to NBC4i. They will go on sale at 9am on December 20th.

The consoles come loaded with dozens of games, no need to buy anything extra. For 60 bucks, you get the console, the controller, and 31 pre-loaded games including Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong.

So go out there and make your 20 or 30 something friend actually happy this year.