If food delivery wasn’t easy enough, UberEats is coming to Ohio tomorrow to make it even better (potentially.)

UberEats has two options: you can either order from their delivery menu, which touts a delivery response of as little as ten minutes, or you can bring up their network of restaurants and order something specific, which can take up to 35 minutes from start to finish.

According to their website, UberEats totals up the dollar amount for your food and delivery price right on the app, and there’s no need to tip.

Though their website doesn’t show a full list of restaurants in their network, UberEats confirmed that Donatos Pizza and 6 1 Pho are definitely on their radar, according to a 10TV article.

We at 614now wish to test this new app addition — purely for science. Follow us on Twitter to see live-tweets of our UberEats experience, and afterwards read our review and see for yourself if UberEats is worth your while!

[editor’s note: We found out later via phone call that UberEATS never infact offered or promised instant delivery in Columbus]

Photo via UberEats