Three monthly dance parties to shake off the winter blues

by the 1870 Staff, Photos by Collins Laatsch

People that say that they can’t dance are lying. All you have to do is methodically move your hips to the beat, flail around an arm or two, and presto, you are now officially Beyoncé. (Or at least her awkward sister.) Dancing is good for many reasons. It is a workout, it releases those glittery endorphins, and, because it serves as the weird mating ritual of our time, dancing increases your chances of not have to watch Netflix alone at the end of the night.

Well, dust off those dance shoes boys and girls, because we compiled a list of the best monthly dance parties Columbus has to offer. Just whatever you do, don’t fall down, drink lots of water, and most importantly, consent is sexiest of all.


Location: Skully’s Music Diner

When: Every third Saturday


LeBOOM is one of Columbus’s longest running events and come Saturday night the place is still going to be packed. My Best Friend’s Party really does know how to put on a party, lining up every style of EDM DJ to bring in loyal fans as well as new enthusiasts.

Every third Saturday Skully’s Music Diner puts on a show unlike any other monthly Columbus event. The line quickly queues up outside the doors as eager EDM fans wait to get inside to dance, converse on the patio, and get weird with their friends. Once inside the diner the energy goes through the roof. Opening acts are spinning their tunes and interacting with the crowd while patrons spill from the dance floor out to the bustling patio. The music can be heard and enjoyed from the entire venue, perfect for getting down or taking a break and chatting with some new friends.


Damn Girl

Location: Skully’s Music Diner

When: Every third Friday


Disco funk is right. Damn Girl is a huge monthly party that makes it easy to try out those uniformed dance moves. As the largest monthly dance party in the city, the music is rooted in disco funk and includes everything up to current releases, minus that club song radio trash. Costumes and crazy clothes are always encouraged, but not required. Join the one of the biggest DJ’s in the city, DJ Charles Erikson, for what is always the sweatiest dancing spot in Columbus.

A full, safe dance floor, and no shitty remixes—Damn Girl does it damn right.


Sad Boyz

Location: Skully’s Music Diner

When: Last Wednesday of the month


Get out that heavy mascara and black clothing, dust off that Panic at the Disco CD, and embrace your inner sadness. Spinnin’ the best emo, pop punk, screamo, and whatever self-loathing genre you can think of, Sad Boyz has come up as the best place to whine the night away. That sense of humor mixed with a sense of loyalty to the music permeates the event, which is now one of the most well-attended in the city. Now, hundreds of people flood the dance floor at Skully’s, a scene that must be witnessed in person to gather the full mania of it all: people rejoicing—nay, reveling—in the music of their misunderstood youth.