The Columbus Library Announces No More Late Fees

Since the dawn of time the library has had late fees. You borrow a book it goes missing? You’re going to owe the cost of that book and/or a decent sum of accrued late fees.

Well no more. Since revamping and renovating the Columbus Metropolitan Library has had a change of heart and this weekend announced that beginning on January 1st, 2017 there will no longer be late fees.

“Our goal is to make sure our customers can enjoy all the books and services the library offers. Overdue fines can prevent some customers – especially kids – from checking out books and other materials. We don’t rely on the money we receive from overdue fines to run the library.”

Instead of charging you, the Library will simply block your card until you return your book. If it has been 35 days past the due date, they’ll send you bill for the books because at this point the assumption is you’ve destroyed them.

With that said, they’re not wiping your debt after January 1st, you’ll need to talk to a staff member to figure out what can be done about your 17 year  old missing copy of Green Eggs & Ham.


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