Governor John Kasich has had his fingers on the veto trigger for the past few weeks, nixing several GOP backed bills and subsequently drawing the ire of his own party. He has vetoed:

  • a 6-week abortion ban (in favor of a 20-week abortion ban),
  • a clean-energy freeze that allows Strickland’s clean energy mandate to be re-enacted
  • a GOP backed tax break to the oil and gas industry.
  • A bill that would have expanded legislator’s power to abolish state agencies and departments

These things are sticking as his veto can no longer be overridden in the traditional sense. Saturday is the cut off for an override and The Ohio House has been adjourned for the year.

It won’t be without consequences for Kasich though, because when the House and Senate return, the GOP will have an even larger majority to help them push things to Kasich’s desk and easily override his vetoes.