Ohio House May Override Kasich’s Veto on ‘Heartbeat’ Bill

Republicans in the Ohio House are considering overriding the veto Gov. John Kasich made earlier this week on the Heartbeat Abortion Bill, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

The Heartbeat Bill would make it illegal for doctors to perform abortions after a heart beat is detected, or around six weeks, which is far below the federal 24 week limit, and sometimes well before women even know they’re pregnant or if their fetus can live after birth.

The bill doesn’t make exceptions for fetuses that cannot survive outside the womb, or for women who’s pregnancy came about in an instance of rape or incest.

Today, conservative pastors will be holding a Statehouse conference to blast Kasich on his veto of the Heartbeat bill, and on the other side will be NARAL, a pro-choice group who will be also protest Kasich’s decision to approve the 20-week abortion ban.

In an interview with NARAL in our earlier coverage, executive director Kellie Copeland stated, “There’s a danger that the Heartbeat Bill could outlaw abortion from coast to coast.” She explained that although this regulation is unconstitutional under Roe v. Wade, the timing is strategic. If the bill becomes law and is challenged, the current Supreme Court would likely overturn it, as they have done with similar bills in other states. However, once in office, Donald Trump could stack the court with justices who would uphold the Heartbeat Bill, setting a dangerous precedent. Says Copeland, “This legislation would take us back to a time when abortion was illegal for all intents and purposes.”

Outlawing abortion wouldn’t stop women from getting abortions, it would just make abortions unsafe, risking the lives of women who have no choice.

Currently, the override of the veto would need House Republicans who voted against the Heartbeat Bill to change their vote — five of these seven already told the Dispatch they would not override the veto. Four of the five were women, and all had reasons ranging from slim chances of the bill passing to the the bill not accommodating for victims of rape or abuse.




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