“Pussies Against Trump” Billboards Up In Downtown Columbus

A cat-themed, pro-choice advocacy group, ProChoiceCats.com, has funded billboards installed on Spring Street near the Ohio State House that carry a very timely message — in-line with the recent talking points of both Presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump.

This year’s theme, “Pussies Against Trump,” features e-billboards with slogans like, “Dear Trump, Don’t Grab My ,” and “Trump Believes Women Should Be Punished For Having Abortions”


ProChoiceCats.com was started by an Ohio abortion clinic worker, Amanda Patton and her cat.  Patton and a group of pro-choice women designed and sold t-shirts featuring the feline Instagram star to raise money for e-billboards that fight back against abortion stigma in Ohio.

Patton said that she planned for cat-themed Trump billboards, but didn’t expect the news of Trump’s objectifying remarks in a recently leaked video, “We all saw the video of Trump bragging about how he ‘grabs’ women ‘by the pussy’ and it became crystal clear that Trump’s disdain for women’s rights, bodily autonomy, and pussies intersect in a horrifyingly organic way,” Patton explained in a press release.


“I was disgusted by how cavalierly Trump boasted about kissing and groping women without their consent… but I can’t say I was surprised,” she continues in her statement, “How could we not dedicate these pussy billboards to the sinking ship of misogyny that is Donald Trump and the Republican party?”

The group’s hope is that people see the billboards on the route that leads to the Ohio Statehouse where they said, “misogynistic anti-choice laws are made.”

The e-billboards will run from Oct 11 – Oct 31, strategically in time for this year’s elections.


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