New Study Shows College Kids are Baffled on College, Liberal Arts

Ologie, a local Columbus branding company, released the results of a nationwide survey of 1,548 students about their decision-making process when choosing a college or university. The research is the first of its kind to study the members of Generation Z and their aspirations, attitudes, and identities regarding higher education, as well as the underlying motivations for their college decisions. The survey results are part of an ongoing primary research engagement with a group of college-bound Gen Z students from across the country, called Student Union.


We did this research because we know that many admissions offices are just starting to have conversations about reaching out purposefully to this new set of students,” said Bill Faust, managing partner at Ologie.

A distinctive part of the research is its segmentation of five distinct groups of Gen Z students: the Idealist, the Apprehensive, the Self-Assured, the Overachiever, and the Well-Rounded. More information about these archetypes can be found at www.studentunion.ologie.com

While technology proficiency is a common thread, it’s also important to understand the nuances that distinguish members of this generation, said Carolyn Kent, executive strategy director at Ologie: “Constant access to information has expanded their perspectives, creating knowledgeable, status-quo-challenging stances on many issues. Yet each segment has a slightly different mindset toward college that will color their decision-making process.”

The research, conducted by Ologie, consisted of an online quantitative survey nationwide with a Gen Z population. Respondents were balanced by gender and ethnicity, with ages ranging from sophomores in high school to sophomores in college. To learn more about downloading the full report, visit www.studentunion.ologie.com




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