Buckeye Donuts “Named” One The Most Iconic College Restaurants in America

Buckeye Donuts — some would call it an institution in Columbus. A 24-hour donut diner whose mission statement is little more than feeding the hung over, the sleepless or the random wandering passersby of OSU’s south campus area.

Their donuts aren’t exceptionally delicious, and the coffee is several decades behind other boutiques in Columbus. I don’t think the employees there consider themselves donut sommeliers or baristas or any other weird fashionable term in an attempt to alleviate the stress and difficulty of working in the service industry. They’re just Buckeye Donuts and that is what makes them damn-near perfect. The complete lack of pretense. It’s fuckin‘ donuts, what else do you want?

This is what QSR (it looks to be more of an advertising platform and less of an actual publication) had to say about our little donut baby — “When Buckeyes are craving fried confections—be it in the morning, before a game, or after a night out at the bars—they know where to turn. This 24/7 shop is even open on Christmas Day, and it’s been that way since 1969. There are 31 varieties of donuts, but the namesake Buckeye Donut is the obvious favorite. Like the dessert with the same name, this donut features peanut butter and chocolate with a cream center. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, you won’t walk away empty-handed: this donut shop also serves up gyros and fries at student-friendly prices.”

There you have it guys, if you couldn’t tell already from the pictures of Dave Attell, Hulk Hogan or a scene from I am Wrath where CSI:SVU and John Travolta sit outside the south side Buckeye Donuts in a parked car and talk about murder or something…?

We’ve finally got nationally respected and revered QSR telling us that our donut shop is iconic. What a day.




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