Last Thing About This We Swear — Trump Ahead 5 Points in Ohio

Okay, so we’re a week out and this is probably the last thing we will need to write about barring some catastrophe — but a new Quinnipiac University Poll was released today, Donald Trump is moving ahead of Hillary Clinton in Ohio.

The poll has Trump up 46 percent to Clinton’s 41 percent, with libertarian Gary Johnson getting 5 percent of the vote. Clinton and Trump were tied at 45 percent barely two weeks ago.

Johnson is looking to be a bit of a spoiler candidate for Clinton as Ohioans given the choice between just Trump or Clinton, 47 percent of Ohioans chose Trump and 44 percent chose Clinton — putting them closer to the middle.

Ohio is the only hard swing state that Trump is ahead poll wise.

[Editor’s correction] Florida and North Carolina according to some media outlets are too close to accurately call for either candidate. The Nov. 2nd Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll shows these numbers in the report linked above:

  • FLORIDA: Clinton 46 – Trump 45, Johnson 2
  • NORTH CAROLINA: Clinton 47 – Trump 44, Johnson 3
  • OHIO: Trump 46 – Clinton 41, Johnson 5
  • PENNSYLVANIA: Clinton 48 – Trump 43, Johnson 3



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