Investigators and the CPD are saying five people arrested in Columbus have alleged connections to a Mexican heroin cartel.

Three of the five charged with felony drug trafficking are in the country illegally. All of them are being held on multiple-million dollar bonds.

According to NBC4i, Three of those arrested were in the country illegally. All were charged with felony drug trafficking and are held on $12 million bond between the five of them.

“These individuals have access to a high amount of money. The total seizure that we had was approximately 18 kilos of heroin estimated at a street value of $1.5 million,” an undercover detective explained to a Franklin County Municipal Court judge during the five defendants’ arraignments.

All five defendants waived their right to appear and even though the state protested, the judge granted their public defender the motion.

The five are listed as Jose A. Gouea-Jimenez, 47, a potential boss or “ringleader”; Ellery Cardenas, 42, Jose Millan, 26, Jose Sanchez, 32, and Jennifer Guy, 32. Jimenez is being held on $4 million bond, the other four on $2 million bonds.