“Up to about 50 percent of the people already knew who we were,” said Brian Thornton, founder of Oh! Burgers food truck and the insanely popular Oh! Chips. “And the people who didn’t already know who we were were grabbing their friend’s arms and pulling them over like ‘Try these f**kin’ chips!’”

In 2012, Thornton was in his first summer as a food truck chef with big dreams, and out of necessity, he’d soon become an on-site potato fryer, too. Most days, he’d be up with the sun, prepping burgers, and at the end of his work day, pulling night shifts to fry chips for the next day. Those chips caught on like wildfire, and his crisp business exploded, eclipsing the food truck by spades.


Now, Thornton finds himself at the helm of a potato chip factory with a food truck problem.

Thornton still holds onto his original dream of owning a restaurant some day, but for now, he’s focused on bolstering the company’s place in Franklinton, and growing visibility for the Columbus business and culinary community. And making a chip-ton in the process.

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