Hilltop has long struggled with retail offerings but the city is finally considering throwing some money towards improving it.

Columbus is willing to spend up to $50,000 for a market study to figure out how to revive retail in the neighborhood but a request for proposals has to be submitted first.

The biggest hurdle in Hilltop’s way to revitalization is Barren Westland Mall. The main focus of any survey will be the area of W Broad St. and Sullivant Ave.

The last market study for Hilltop was conducted seven years ago by Boulevard Strategies. It was a classic analysis but an plan for action was not included.

A retired employee from Boulevard told the Dispatch that based on the work he did in 2014, Hilltop is twice as dense as the rest of Columbus.

Currently though, Hilltop residents spend $220 million a year on retail goods and services, but only $35 million of that is spent in Hilltop.

What is booming in the area is Hollywood Casino–it’s #1 in the state.

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