Living a “Super Size Me” life just got a whole lot easier with McDonald’s partnership with UberEats. Yep, McDonald’s has delivery because drive-throughs are so last century. From now on, if you say life is hard, you’d be lying.

The delivery offering began in Florida and has expanded to new markets including Chicago, LA, and Columbus.

“It’s one more way that McDonald’s is using new technology to make it easier for customers to get their favorites on their schedules,” said McDonald’s in a press release.

Central Ohio has been a favorite of the company’s for rolling out new menu innovations like the Chicken McGriddle sandwich and three different sizes of the Big Mac.

The cheeseburger and fries chain has been stepping up their convenience game for a while. You can check out their self-order kiosk at the 4131 Morse Crossing restaurant and also experience table service.

Get some chicken McNuggets and a large Diet Coke dropped at your door using or the UberEats mobile app.

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