Your neighborhood [chain] wing joint is doing some reevaluating after a disappointing quarter.

Instead of Buffalo Wild Wings offering traditional wings for half off on Tuesdays, they’ll be frying up boneless “wings” for a discounted price (Bdubs calls them boneless wings but they’re more like glorified chicken tenders). The reason for the switch is that the price of traditional wings is costing the company 5.7 percent more per pound than last year. They are blaming chicken inflation as well as rising health care costs and management salaries for increasing expenditures.

The good news is the majority of you won’t be disappointed with the altered deal on Tuesdays as Bdubs data from 2014 shows most patrons prefer breaded and fried white chicken chunks over traditional wings.

RIP 1/2 price wing day, hello discounted breaded and fried white meat chicken chunk day.

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