Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is now hiring 3-month-olds; puppies that is. Mattis K. Nine is the newest deputy at the office and will be trained as a therapy dog. He is a Labrador Retriever weighing only 12 pounds now but is expected to max out at a whopping 85 pounds.

This pup already has his own Facebook page where people are showering him with congratulatory messages, well wishes, and five out of five star ratings (except for one person who only gave him four—unbelievable).

Sure, he’s cute and cuddly and his job really is to make people happy but his presence will have a much bigger impact. Once he is fully trained, Mattis’s calm, loving demeanor will help ease the anxiety of crime victims and encourage them open up to detectives. This can be especially helpful with children.

The cost of his 9-month training is thanks to $10,000 in donations. Dogs: something people and their wallets can really get behind.

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