Skyline’s chocolate, liquid chili was ranked far and above any other homemade, Columbus-born chili, in our poll last week. Yes, Skyline beat out chili that you can actually eat and not just slurp off a coney.

Don’t get us wrong, Skyline is good, but it’s barely chili, and certainly not a local food. It is kind of like voting White Castle as the best local Hamburger, sure you can justify it but it doesn’t make it right. Regardless, no one’s chili in CBUS makes it even close to being as popular as Skyline, who currently has a healthy 76 vote lead, coming in second? Roosters.

That being said, our commenters saved the day with their local chili suggestions:

  • Mac’s Cafe
  • Village Coney
  • Rook’s Tavern
  • Pig Iron
  • Old Mohawk
  • High Beck

If you’re a chili maniac, someone who likes to chew their food, or you just need to warm up during this crazy cold winter, check out our Best Chili in Columbus list.