After nearly 46,000 votes from 69 countries, the three tiny, puffy, white bears at the Columbus Zoo have finally been named: Amelia Gray, Neva (NEE-vah), and Nuniq (NEW-nick).

Aurora’s twins, Neva (female) and Nuniq (male) carry significant¬†name meanings. Neva means “white snow” and Nuniq was named after his father, Nanuq, who was humanely euthanized. The third cub name, Amelia Gray, also has special meaning. Her name stands for the fact that she represents a “defender” of her species. It is also derived from the unique patch of gray fur on the left side of her neck.¬†

So next time you’re at the zoo, you can beckon the baby bears by their first names instead of with baby talk gibberish.¬†