The Columbus Board of Zoning Adjustment wants Ritzy’s back just as badly as you do.

They approved two variances for the burger and ice cream chain which means central Ohio is one step closer to being reunited with ol’ G.D (thought the “G.D.” will be dropped and be known only as Ritzy’s).

The variances–voted 5-0 in favor of by BZA–addressed design standards and sight lines. The future site of Ritzy’s will be at 4615 N High St. in Clintonville, formerly inhabited by an A&W Restaurant, then a pizza joint, and finally a used car lot.

The founder of the franchise, Graydon D. Webb, hopes to expand the building to better serve Columbus with hotdogs, fries, and a side of nostalgia.


Ritzy’s could be operating as early as this fall. Read more about the approval here. Read more about its return to Columbus here.