Get ready to twist open and run your front teeth through some coffee flavored Oreo icing.

Cookie and coffee worlds collide to bring you a Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Oreo.

It’s got the normal suspects of an Oreo–two chocolate cookie wafers hugging a slab of cream–with the punch of a morning Dunkin’ Donuts boost. Instead of a vanilla filling, the belly of the cookie will have a slight coffee flavor.

Oreo has been exercising its imagination lately with new cookie flavors like blueberry pie and jelly donut.

Pick up a pack of mocha Oreos later this week at grocers near you.

Pst.. You can pretend to only indulge in a couple at a time but we know you smash all three rows in the first 3 hours. Just know that it’s okay and we still accept you.

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