Lots of people talking about the legalization of medical marijuana in Ohio. Here are the fast facts of medicinal weed in the Buckeye State:

  1. In order to legally, grow, sell, dispense, or recommend medical marijuana in Ohio, the Marijuana Control Program must give the OK
  2. So far, 185 companies have applied to grow legal pot in Ohio
  3. 12 large growers and 12 small growers will be selected
  4. Large growers will get 25,000 sq-ft to grow
  5. Small growers will get 3,000 sq-ft
  6. Large growers will be required to pay the government $200,000 per year
  7. Small growers- $20,000
  8. All the dough will go towards administering the medical marijuana program
  9. Click here to see all the conditions that Ohio has deemed treatable by medical weed