We know your life is hard. We understand how heart-wrenching it can be to watch all your delectable burger toppings slide out of your bun in one mustard-y glob. McDonald’s does too and they want to make your life a little easier. They have finally come up with a resolution to the topping dropping catastrophy: The Frork.

It’s simple really– you gather up three of your most sturdy fries, insert them into the top of the stylish, silicon utensil and wah-la, a french fry fork is born. You then scoop up your fallen soldiers (pickles, onions, etc.) with your fry prongs, bring to your mouth, open, chew, swallow, smile, repeat.

The Frork will be available tomorrow for free with the purchase of any of their three Signature Crafted sandwiches. Once supplies run out, they’re gone forever </3 Be sure to invest in a display case for your Frork as it will certainly be a highly sought after antique in the future.