Grypshon Industries, a Columbus based veteran owned start-up just kickstarted the Grypmat in under 10 hours. Which is crazy, but not only did they meet their $10,000, they’ve effectively raised an additional $15,000. –

So what is the preposterously spelled Grypmat? It’s a “high performance, non-magnetic, non slip, chemical resistant, anti-static rubber tool mat” that keeps tools and hardware in place. Yeah, not exciting sounding right?

Well — Seriously, check out this .gif


“Working as a mechanic in the United States Air Force, I grew increasingly tired of not having my tools within easy reach when working on top of the aircraft – tool loss and missing hardware was a constant problem, and I nearly fell off the plane chasing a sliding tool! I invented the Grypmat to prevent these issues, and to make it truly easy to keep tools and hardware within comfortable reach – so you can just focus on the work in front of you,” says founder Tom Burden.

It’s a cool invention by a Columbus inventor and the fact that it has raised $25,000k in under 10 hours, means you’ll likely end up seeing this on an episode of Shark Tank.