Governor John Kasich has many interests where he devotes his energy including film reviewwizard hater, and eating his pizza with a fork but now he is taking all that forward momentum and putting it towards something that actually matters: self-driving cars.

State officials are urging carmakers to develop self-driving technology through Ohio State, ODOT, and JobsOhio — who will contribute $45 million in order to see some results.

Using a facility at OSU, The Transportation Research Center will have 4500 acres to test out their best ideas and concepts.

“You need to always anticipate the future,” Kasich said. “We’re certainly not going to ignore public safety. It’s critical to us but at the same time, the speed of business matters in the 21st century.”

The budget will not just go towards robot cars, but will include money for fiber optic lines and wifi along I-270, and a potential speed limit change on I-670 that could fix congestion during rush hour.