Can you imagine strolling down the sidewalk and then all of a sudden, you see a tiny little robot turn the corner and start rolling towards you? You pass it, tip your hat, it does nothing in reply, and you both go on your merry ways? Pretty odd if you ask us but that may become a reality in Columbus before long.

6D32 is a personal delivery device (i.e. a cooler on wheels). It comes equipped with six wheels, nine cameras, and an orange flag with LEDs. All these gadgets are wrapped up in a slick black and white plastic frame. This little dude may be banging at your front door with your pizza, package, or whatever other crap you order to your house.

The people of Starship Technologies–same folks behind Skype–are the brains behind the operation.

Recent Ohio budget legislations made it legal for robots just like 6D32 to cruise on our sidewalks.

Starship will be testing the device for the next couple of weeks and working to plot maps of the busiest parts of the city as well as OSU’s campus. Fingers crossed we’ll be giving new-age C-3PO a pat on the top of his plastic once he delivers our subs by the end of this year.

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