Build a fire, book a band, and the people will come. That’s the true MO of the Campfire Sessions.

“It’s all about good people, good music, good beer, being outside, marshmallows, a fire, and just a chill vibe,” said Amy Gillespie, founder of the Campfire Sessions.


The Campfire Sessions are monthly, intimate, musical hangouts, typically held in the outdoor quarters of a brewery. Rockmill’s scenic headquarters in Lancaster has been a key player in the series. Friends, families, lovers, dogs, and everyone in between gather around a fire to chat with new friends and lounge with the talent.

“The performances aren’t¬†necessarily acoustic but they are much more stripped down and normal,” Gillespie said. “The band always swaps stories with the crowd, too.”¬†

It’s like the perfect backyard shindig that you don’t have to plan. They’ll provide all the tools necessary for you to create a “magical” ambiance, as Gillespie says. The only things Gillepsie and her Campfire Session fairies ask of you is to bring a picnic, patronize whatever brewery is hosting, sit back, and relax.

The next Campfire Session is scheduled for August 20 at Rockmill Brewery with Bummers. Tickets are $21.48 each..they sell out fast so hop on it.

P.S. Make sure your good side is looking great because the performances are recorded live!