What do Rugrats, OutKast, and neon wind breaker sweatsuits have in common? The friggin’ 90s.

The original throwback bash, 90sFEST, just announced their lineup sure to bring you some tender loving care. Don’t go chasin’ other plans on August 12 because the iconic R&B gal group, TLC, will be flinging you back into the 20th century.

TLC will be joined by Blackstreet, C+C Music Factory, 17th Floor, DJ Suga Ray, and Furbys as far as your eyes can see out of your purple, star-shaped sunnies.

Forget about your student loan payments, the current state of health care, and Y2k for an evening of food, fashion, and fun, brought to you courtesy of Prime Social Group and The Gnarly 90s.

The nostalgia begins at 4pm and wraps up around 11pm on August 12 at the Columbus Commons. Tickets start at $25. For more ticket info, visit this website.