Runners, you have more to beware of than quarter-sized blisters and bloody nipples this race season. Fine print on race registries can be surprisingly tricky so here are some tips to avoid any oopsies when signing up for competitive exercising.

  • If you’re registering online with a credit card, make sure you read all the exclaimers. You may be unknowingly signing up for a “subscription” that could renew at the end of the year
  • Check the tiny writing to see if you get your money refunded if the race is cancelled. If not, you could be out a few Andrew Jacksons and no t-shirt to show for it.
  • Is the “charity” the race is benefiting legitimate? How much of the proceeds are benefiting this “charity?” We’d hate to see you run your tooshy off only for your hard-earned dollars to go to The Man.

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