You know the feeling when you’re about to leave the house but then you glance back at your pet, sitting on the kitchen floor with their ears laid back in sadness? Heartbreaking. That’s why approximately 37% of pet owners take their animals on the road with them. But if you’ve ever tried to find a pet-friendly hotel, you understand the struggle to accommodate them while traveling. But here in Columbus, we don’t discriminate– not even against those with four legs and a tail.

In Columbus, there are nearly 90 dog-friendly travel options including lodging, attractions, parks and businesses. These establishments are all marked with a “Dogs Welcome Here” window decal. 

“We’re responding to the increased demand we’re seeing from visitors in the marketplace to bring their pets along. This pet-friendly initiative is strengthened by the number of amenities and offerings Columbus has to accommodate them,” said Kari Kauffman, vice president of tourism.