Blog by OK student praises Buckeyes, shames Sooner students

The Sooners may have slammed the Buckeyes on Saturday but it seems they aren’t looking to smear it in our faces.

OK QB flubbed up with the obnoxious flag drive on Buckeye’s 50 yard line, but he was quick to apologize.

To boot, a member of the Oklahoma band (Pride of Oklahoma is to Oklahoma marching band as TBDBITL is to OSU marching band), published a lengthy love letter to Columbus on their blog.

Gillian Gauss couldn’t say enough good things about her experience in Columbus, OH in an Open Letter to Ohio State Fans from a Sooner Student.

The band was first shuttled to Franklin Heights HS where “Every person I came in contact with was so welcoming and went out of their way to ensure every member of the Pride (All 330 of us) was taken care of and doing well,” Gauss wrote.

Moving on to game day when one may assume Ohio State fans would be a bit–hmmm– snarky to the opposing side, Gauss said hospitality only grew.

“Walking to and from our rehearsal site people told us they were looking forward to a good game and getting to watch us perform.”

Gauss went on to pay the Ohio State marching band high compliments and apologize for the Sooner student section for “taking everything a little too far.”

Gauss closed with, “Thank you, Ohio State Buckeyes, for a great game and a  weekend I will never forget. Your hospitality has inspired me to conduct my everyday life a little differently. I am looking forward to next time.”

Way to keep it classy Buckeyes, even in the face of defeat.


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