#InstaArt: abstractblackcreative supports equality through watercolors and animation

Ren Hagans is a CCAD grad expressing her self-declared nerdy-ness through her illustrations. Her whimsical creates sport horns, dreads, and sometimes even mermaid tales. She uses bright pink, purple, and green hues to bring her characters to life. As if they still weren’t lively, she personifies them with subtle animation from time to time. Follow Ren’s account for beautiful and emotional works of art.

“Planet Abstract Black is my collection of illustrations and designs focusing on themes of empowerment, gender equality, racial diversity, sexuality, anti-fascism, self esteem and mental health. I like bringing awareness to these issues through exploring visuals of diverse forms put in surreal or fantasy-like settings. 

Representation matters—not just to me, but everyone. This is for the POC, queers, trans folks, the nerds, the activists, the free spirits, and the misfits. People should always unapologetically breathe and embody their identities. So I channel any anxiety and frustration about things that are out of my control into my art. I find my peace in creating. I create because my art is a way of my rebellion.” – Ren Hagans


Rainy days & solitude is a beautiful thing. 🌀📚🎨 Used reference. Im in love with subtle animation.

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