MadLab’s new post-apocalyptic fairy tale taking stage soon

It’s dark, it’s cool, it’s a post-apocalyptic fairy tale—it’s definitely not to be missed. It’s MadLab’s latest live scientific phenomenon, Kitezh.

In short, it’s the story of a boy – cast out by his people – who is adopted by a group of unusual strangers. But he doesn’t realize that their apparent generosity could be more sinister than it seems…

Here are a few words from the writer, Jennifer Feather Youngblood, about the cultivation and backstory of Kitezh:

“Kitezh came about when three things collided in one week. I had a nightmare about a wasteland, I was reading a book on international lost-city legends, and was playing a game with myself on what it would sound like if people spoke in old-American-west vernacular with British cadence and 1970’s era idioms. Because I am a huge nerd.”

“Kitezh (pronounced kee-tej or kee-tesh, depending on which Russian-speaking country you’re in) is the name of a mythic lost city, sort of along the lines of Atlantis. The play doesn’t directly relate to the fable, but does use the story and its themes as one of the driving plot-points. Kitezh is a sort of a post-apocalyptic fairy-tale adventure story morality play that toys with the idea of good/evil verses right/wrong and how a story can change depending on your perspective. Parts of it are very funny, and some are sad, and I hope it sparks conversations afterward.”

“While I haven’t been involved with the rehearsal or production process, I do know many talented people are working hard to make this thing a reality. I don’t think I could ever thank them enough. I hope they get the audience they deserve.”

The show runs every Friday and Saturday from December 1- 16. Tickets are selling fast, get yours at MadLab.net!



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