Tim Hortons giving gift of poutine donuts to Columbus for Canada’s 150th

For doing practically nothing at all to deserve it, Canada is passing along an incredible gift to America for their 150th birthday.

Some pretty awesome things have come from Canada already: universal health care, Justin Bieber, Ryan Reynolds, Dan Aykroyd, peanut butter, and most importantly Nickleback. But now, we have yet another thing to thank Canada for…… Tim Hortons poutine donuts.

Poutine. Donuts. We hope you’re getting the gravity of this announcement–sweet, honey dipped dough topped with potato wedges, gravy, and cheese curds. The best part is that we’re basically hogging all of them. Columbus is one of only five cities where these delicacies are available.

The saucy savoriness on a sugary ring bed will be on sale Saturday, July 1. That day is Canada’s gold + silver birthday.

We’re screaming happy 150th birthday to you, Canada. We love ya.

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