Halloween checklist: Blockhead, wigs, chainsaws oh my

Alright witches and warlocks, we are three weeks away from All Hallow’s Eve and there is much to do. But let’s not rush into the main event, foreplay is of the utmost importance here. Check off all the preliminary activities to elongate the celebration.

Step 1: Drive-in movies

Grab a honey or pal, lean the seats back, and get cozy during a spooky flick on the big screen.

Step 2: Apple picking

We’ve rounded up the best orchards, all you have to do is pluck the juiciest fruits.

Locate the apples here: Top 3 places to pick your own apples

Step 3: U-pick pumpkins

Select the perfect orange orb to then take a butcher knife to.

Locate the pumpkins here: U-pick: Best jack-o-lantern hunting near you

Also: How to make tasty pumpkin seeds at home

Step 4: Watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

We all love the pessimistic blockhead.

Step 5: Rake leaves

Get your yard looking spick and span, then sprint full-speed at the pile and totally undo all your work (it’s the best-smelling mess in the world).

Step 6: Concoct the perfect Halloween Costume

We suggest getting to Goodwill ASAP before all the good wigs are snatched up.

Step 7: Secure Halloween plans

Whether it’s HighBall or a kegger at your friend from college’s house, you cannot spend the Halloween at home.

Where to party on Halloween

Step 8: Gateway Film Center Cult 101 Series:

Bad horror movies are always the best horror movies.

Join the cult: Gateway airing classic horrors all month long

Step 9: Eat copious amounts of candy

You’ll certainly regret it immediately after but this is your opportunity to get a Snickers chocolate mustache and not stick out like a muggle in Hogwarts.

#1 Halloween candy in Ohio really blows

Step 10: Push your way through a Haunted House

It’s okay if you keep your eyes closed the whole time, you just have to do it.

Tackling My Fear of Haunted Houses at the Scareatorium

Step 11: Get your freak on

It’s Halloween, weirdos, be who you wanna be!


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