#Love614: Let your kid 3rd-wheel this weekend

The good news: You got a head start on procreation while you were young and your kid is hilarious and awesome!

The bad news: Dipping your toes into the dating pool when you’ve got kiddos at home can provide some unique challenges.

Once you’ve found that special someone who has mini-me’s of their own, or you’ve found someone who is a caring goofball who loves building blanket forts… It’s time to go on a triple date centered around the child(ren). No worries, kid-centered Cbusers! There’s plenty of cool stuff to do with kids in the city this weekend! Saturday the 26th has a whole roster ready to go:

The Meet-Up: India Festival

Start off with some culture. It’s starts bright and early at 9 AM, so you can get your day started off on the right foot. A little Cap’n Crunch and a cute outfit for each of you, and you’re out the door to meet your date. Check out the dancing, shopping and of course- food!

Moving Right Along: Urban Scrawl ’17

A quick drive downtown to Franklinton will get you to the 11th annual Urban Scrawl at 400 West Rich Street. This community event has everything you AND the kiddos could ask for. There is a breakdancing competition for those 15 and under, more food than you can shake a pixie stick at, and art everywhere. The grown ups can purchase art for the house, and shop the vendors. The kids can create and eat, and create some more.

The Crash Pad: Community Rock Climbing Festival

Pack some sleeping bags and a tent for the Community Rock Climbing Festival at Scioto Audubon Metro park. Just around the corner from Urban Scrawl is a fest focused on natural resources and exercise. Perfect for tiring out the little climbers. Check out the purveyors and reps from all different walks of local fitness, from yoga to slacklining and sumo wrestling. Get dinner from a local vendor while you’re there. Once you’ve worn yourselves out, you can watch “Everest” on the big screen (for the older kids) and camp out in the park in your very own tent. Sweet dreams!


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