#Love614: Non-awkward date idea for love seedlings

You make plans with an interesting person—you’re excited—but as the date ticks nearer and nearer, anxiety mounts. Where do we go? If we eat out, what food do I order? What do I wear? And the most tormenting thought….What do I talk about? 

Simple answer: Don’t.

Avoid awkward banter with these date outings that take control of the conversation.

P3 Magic Theater

2575 N High St

Free live magic every Tuesday night. They even throw in few snacks, boxed wine, and domestic beers. Presto, a perfect (not to mention free) date with no pressure to keep the conversation flowing.

16-Bit or Old North Arcade

254 S 4th St

2591 N High St

Instead of over-sharing how you have to flip the light switch 11 times before going to bed, let a game of Mario Kart commandeer the conversation. There’s nothing more flirty than throwing a turtle shell at your new boo’s animated vehicle and watching them crash and burn.

Columbus Italian Festival

168 E Lincoln St

You’ll be so busy stuffing your face, people-watching, and taking in the live entertainment to even be worried about your companion. In fact, isn’t that them over there at the pesto recipe championship? Eh, you’ll meet back up at the car.


All of your awkward silences will be filled with a lame jokes from a host whose mic is turned up entirely too loud.

Local Cantina- Brewery District: Thursdays @ 8pm

Big Room Bar: Tuesday @ 7:30pm

Actual Brewing: Tuesdays @ 7:30pm


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