Mama Day gift guide

Mom’s are queens. Everything any of us have ever done with our lives have been thanks to them. We’ve had all year to buy her something but Mother’s Day is this Sunday and if you’re anything like us, you don’t have a gift for her yet. No biggie, there’s still plenty of time. And don’t worry about coming up with an idea, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Essential oils + diffuser | Who doesn’t like a little holistic healing? You can get lavender to help her have a restful sleep, eucalyptus for sinus congestions, or tea tree for practically everything else. Diffusers help spread the oils’ usefulness into the air. You can find them at Aldi for a discounted price but if they’re out of stock, try TJ Maxx.
  2. Tennis shoes | Have your ma buzzing around the block, gossiping with her neighborhood friends with some new sneakers. We suggest Saucony brand. They are like pillow top mattresses for your feet. They are carried at Famous Footwear.
  3. Meals | For 18 years (more if you couldn’t make a go of the whole college thing), your mother slaved over the stove, preparing meals for you. Don’t punish her with your cooking. Instead, order her some meals from Porttion, the gourmet, world-inspired, food company. They’ll get delivered right to her front door, too!
  4. Moscow mule cups | Everyone enjoys a little vodka with their ginger beer from time to time, even your mother. Treat her to some cute copper mugs made just for mules. Throw in a bottle of Tito’s if you’re really looking to brown nose. Browse Home Goods if you’re interested in this gift.
  5. Stationary | The sentiment of hand-written is all but phased out of our society. But with your help, your mom can help resurrect it. Check out Objects in Grandview for sets of creative cards and envelops for her. Buy a pack for yourself so you two can can be pen pals.
  6. The old standby, flowers | If all else fails and you don’t have anything for your mom by the time you’re driving over there to spend time with her on Sunday, get her flowers. Pop into a grocery store, local florist, or even the side of the road to collect some blooms for the woman who brought you into this world.


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