Crew moving? Most of you say, “Buh-bye”

The case for Crew SC getting relocated to Austin, TX is looking stronger by the minute but according to most of the 614now audience that chipped in their two cents, there aren’t many broken hearts.

Yesterday, we posted this on Facebook:

Here’s what some of you had to say:

But wait, Brad Snyder chimes in:

But he couldn’t hold off the opposition:

Wait wait, we have another vote for yes…kinda:

Sorry Jason, you’re outnumbered:

The articles on our website didn’t garner very favorable comments towards the crew either.

Columbus Crew going to Lone Star State? Could it be?

On this article however, commenters were split:

Are you willing to pay for the Crew to stay?

To round out 614now readers’ feedback, apparently no one likes Ginther, the Crew or their owner Anthony Precourt:

Crew SC owner’s fancy footwork blindsides Mayor Ginther


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