Ohio boy claims Memorial Tourney

Jason Dufner claimed the Memorial Tournament on Sunday.

Long story short, he lost a pretty substantial lead yesterday, putting him at a whopping 77 in the third round. In true comeback fashion, Dufner lowered his head, bore down, and ended up winning by three shots.

If you’re more of a visual learning, here’s what the win looked like:

(Note: None of these pictures were taken from the Memorial Tournament and the dialogue below is totally fictional; we have simply playfully reimagined what went on in Dufner’s mind on the course yesterday).













“Alright, Dufner, we got this. My boy Lebron couldn’t make it happen so I have to make CLE proud.”













*Sometime when the lead is slipping from his grasp*

“Well shit, this could be going better..”













“Hey guys, I’ve hit a bit of a rough patch in this tournament– can this koala step in for me?”













*As he’s reclaiming the lead*

“That’s right baby, Dufner’s back.”

*After sinking the 30-foot par putt on the 18th to close out a victory*

“F*&^. Yeah.”













“Don’t doubt the Dufinator again, got it?”


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