Short North Residents: Dude Where’s My Parking Spot?

If you’re visiting the Short North, you either get lucky and park right in front of the bar you’re going to, or you’re slightly unlucky and park on the side streets adding another 20 feet to your destination.

According to 10tv,  this issue is becoming increasingly frustrating for some Short North residents.

So, the City of Columbus is attempting to involve the community in solving the often contentious and debated issue of “parking at the Short North.” Their solution? Charge developers a pretty penny for every parking space they don’t develop.

The idea is that developers will either build as many parking spaces as a development of residences will need, or they downsize the development to match the amount of parking spaces planned.

If not Columbus city council member Shannon Hardin said the city could potentially charge them $10-20,000 for every parking space they neglect to develop. 

For the purposes of visiting, parking is not a big deal, “I’ve heard the same two sided parking argument over the last decade. On one side you have the person who claims it is impossible to park and isn’t worth it — on the other side you have the person who claims it never takes more than 5-10 minutes and doesn’t get what the fuss is about,” said Josh Quinn, owner of Tigertree in opinion piece for 614now. 

The reality for folks that actually live there and in the surrounding areas where parking over-flow eventually lands is allegedly a different story, with The Dispatch reporting a rather contentious meeting overall.

Do you live in and around the Short North and have parking woes? Sound off in the comments below!

Or better yet — check out the City of Columbus’ site to voice your concerns to the people that can help.




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