We gotta know, “Why the hell is it so cold in here?”

We received an email from a woman displeased with several food and drink establishments around town. It isn’t the food or the service she is bothered by but rather, the temperature. Here is her testimony:

“I love eating and I love drinking– I love doing them at the same time. And why wouldn’t I? We have a gazillion great places here in Columbus!  I love wearing cute clothes, shorts, skirts, dresses, and strappy shoes when I go out. However, wherever I go, I always bring a jacket or a sweater because most places have the air conditioning on negative 400 degrees. Recently, at a favorite Short North spot, I looked around and noticed something: Every female in the bar/restaurant had a chunky sweater or jacket covering up their cute outfit. Those that didn’t were coveting mine– I saw it in their eyes. I know, I know, first world problems.. But this stinks! Why make everyone cover-up when restaurants and bars could just increase the air temp just a bit? Everyone would enjoy themselves more and look better. Let’s make it stop!”

We know she isn’t the only woman out there battling with damn near constant goosebumps. We did some research and found there is scientific evidence to support that women are generally colder than men. Here are just a few things that may blow your mind:

  • Women’s hands and feet tend to be around three degrees colder than men’s
  • Women hold their heat around their organs
  • Men have faster metabolism so their body is working faster to burn calories, thus creating heat

One report even said that most buildings are set to accommodate male metabolic rates. What?!

So we gotta ask.. Why do you gotta be so cold, Columbus?


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