On Monday City Council approved an upgrade the current development plan at 230 W. Rich St, the former location of the Riverside-Bradley public housing complex. The new building plans will include a larger space for parking, housing and commercial space.

Construction area

The original plan called for five story mixed-use building on a $20 million dollar budget. This plan has been upgraded to $50 million, and will cover an additional 106 residential units, 8000-square-feet of commercial space, and 42 parking spots. The plan also covers an extension of Lucas Street and Cherry Street, new traffic and pedestrian signal lights and the relocation of storm drains. The city, however, will only pay for $5 million of the new budget.

Many of the parking spaces – up to 200 – will be set aside for public use, and 124 housing units have been dedicated to affordable housing based on the area’s median income.

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