Did you know it costs about $43 to “humanely euthanize” a goose? Did you know there were 250 geese in the downtown area in June that the Columbus Parks and Rec Department just couldn’t stand?

We think you see where this is going..

The city spent $10,750 to kill 250 geese a few months ago for pooping on the banks of the river and aggressively chasing after people. Give or take a few geese, there are 50 that remain scattered in the downtown area.

The Dispatch reports that in the past, the city has tried using dogs and sirens to spook the birds enough for them to relocate but both methods proved unsuccessful and very disruptive.

But some people are wondering why the 250 winged creatures that were killed weren’t gathered up and released in a more rural area.

What do you say, Columbus, how should the city proceed with their goose woes?