Anti-bullying at forefront of one Ohio lawmaker’s agenda

Dut, dah, dah, dah, Dave Greenspan to the rescue of every kid ever victimized by a bully.

Drawing on very personal experience with his own child’s trials in school, Greenspan, representative of the Cuyahoga County region, is making bullying one of his top priorities.

He sees a weak link in how Ohio currently deals with bullying.

“We could go after and punish the person who does the bullying,” said Greenspan to NBC4i. “We could suspend them from school, but that really doesn’t address the issue, right? What happens to them and with them? Right now, not a whole lot; how can we help them see what they’re doing is wrong?”

Greenspan has only been a lawmaker for seven months but his go-getter attitude may be exactly what Ohio needs to get legislation moving towards better protect kids.

Click over to NBC4i for more.




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