As people across the state and nation continue to memorialize and mourn the late Senator and U.S. Astronaut, John Glenn, a long-time fan has proposed a statue be built in the Ohio State House in his honor, according to

New York graduate student and Ohio native, Adam Sackowitz, has studied Glenn throughout his life and even made the famous astronaut the subject of his graduate thesis.

His proposal is being overseen by Ohio Democrat state Rep. Michael Sheehy, and both Sheehy and Sackowitz hope to fund the statue, along with a painting, through private donations.

“When I think of John Glenn, I think of him in 1962 as that young, redheaded freckle-faced heroic astronaut because he brought so much hope to the country,” Sackowitz said to “I think that’s how a lot Ohioans remember him — as that young, exuberant astronaut.”

Sackowitz hopes the statue will represent Glenn the way everyone loved to remember him, in his spacesuit as the first American to orbit the Earth.