Image via News 10

In August of 2015, Michael Slager was sentenced for dousing Judy Malinowski (pictured) with gasoline and lighting her on fire, sending her to the hospital with catastrophic burns on her body.

Judy’s Law, named after Malinowski is currently in session as lawmakers behind the bill testify before the Justice Committee to push Judy’s Law into enaction.

Representative Hughes introduced the bill on Valentine’s Day. If enacted, it would increase the penalty for people who mutilate or disfigure another person.

Since the mutilation of Judy Malinowski, Slager was sentenced to 11 years in prison – a sentence Judy’s family feels is not enough.

“Judy has a lifetime sentence. He is only in for eleven years. So, what this will do (it) will increase the penalty of people who do this in the future.” said Representative Jim Hughes(R) according to FOX28.

House Bill 63 likely will face at least two more hearings prior to a committee vote — sending it to the Ohio Congress.

The first hearing is scheduled for today at 1:30pm.

Since the attack Judy is still in the hospital.