Kasich Balks at Trump Rhetoric, Obamacare Replacement

Ohio Governor John Kasich joined Jim Sciutto from CNN to address the last thirty days of Trump’s administration as well as the GOP controlled congress in regards to how they deal with Russia & Obamacare.

While he added no new insights to the Trump administration, blaming their many gaffs on an administration finding their “sea legs.” He did not mince words when it came to the media/press — which Trump recently declared an “enemy of the American people.”

“Thank god you’re [the press] there. You’re there to hold people accountable and without a free press…well, we’re gonna have a free press…And while I don’t always agree with the reporting of the press, they’re vital.”

When asked whether it was a Christian ideal to abandon Medicaid Kasich balked at the idea, “There are 700,000 Ohioans, who now get care who didn’t have it before. A third of whom have either mental illness and need to be treated or drug addiction which is a problem throughout the country. A quarter of them have chronic conditions, they don’t even know it. And to turn our back on them makes no sense.”

Kasich goes onto to say that he believes there is an ability to “reform, repeal and replace Obamacare, which also includes a reform of medicaid.” Kasich the added he will not, “sit silent” and allow them [GOP Congress] to “rip that [medicaid] out.”

He ultimately ended his appearance saying that a House Republican plan to phase out Medicaid was a “very, very bad idea.



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