“Baby Ply, Ply, Ply.” Ohio Waves Goodbye to Plywood on Vacancies


Have you ever been tired of boarded up houses and plywood on windows? Well worry your heart no more — Ohio has outlawed plywood boards as a means to board up houses. Huzzah! Hurray! Kind of?

The only other option now is clear polycarbonate windows and doors, which, officials said, would battle urban decay and prevent break-ins and vandalism. Traditional plywood is said to obstruct the visibility of first responders and basically looks ugly, which brings down the value of the homes itself and the value of homes around it.


That being said, not everyone is celebrating the change because it comes with an expensive price tag — one sheet of plywood costs about $20, while one sheet of the polycarbonate stuff costs more than $100.

This change also comes with a change on foreclosures, accelerating the period of vacancy from two or more years down to as little as six months.

Ohio is the first state in the nation to ban plywood on foreclosed and vacant homes.


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